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Study Abroad Office
Institute of Social Sciences

Due to the current prevention measures in the context of the Corona Pandemic, consultations are only available by email or telephone

Mareike Tudor
Phone: +49 541 969 4381
Service hours: Monday-Tuesday 9:00-12:00 and 14:00 -15:30, Wednesday 14-15:30, Thursday 09:00-12:00 (and by appointment)

Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneckener
Office hours: Wednesday 14:00-15:00

International Office

Sabine Jones

Malte Paolo Benjamins

Anna-Julia Toll

Exchange and Erasmus Students

++Updates on Corona measures++

The Institute of Social Sciences holds a wide range of international partnerships all over the world and in Europe in the context of the Erasmus program. Bachelor and master students from our partner universities can study at Osnabrück University for one or two semesters within our regular study programs and obtain ECTS points (no degrees will be awarded to exchange students). To come to Osnabrück University please follow the application procedure for exchange and Erasmus students.

Application procedure

  • First, students need to apply for studying abroad at their home university.
  • Before students can directly apply to Osnabrück University they need to be officially nominated by their home university. The international coordinator should send the nomination using the nomination form via email to our International Office to Please make sure to send the nomination well before the application deadline.
  • Nomination Deadline for Partner Universities: 1st April to 15th June for following winter semester, 1st October to 15th December for following summer semester.
  • After the nomination information has been send, exchange and Erasmus students need to complete the online application and send the supporting documents by post.
  • Application deadlines for students: 1st July for the following winter semester (beginning in October), 1st January for the following summer semester (beginning in April).

Academic Calendar

  • Spring Semester 2021
    Start of the Semester: 1st April 2021
    Start of Lectures: 12th April 2021
    End of Lectures: 17th July 2021
    End of the Semester: 31st September 2021 
  • Autumn Semester 2021/22
    Start of the Semester:  1st October 2021
    Welcome Period for International Students:  t.b.a.
    Freshman Week for Degree Seeking Students: 11st – 16th October 2021
    Start of Lectures: 18st October 2021
    Christmas Holidays: 18th December 2021 – 1nd January 2022
    End of Lectures: 5th February 2022
    End of the Semester: 31st March 2022
  • Spring Semester 2022
    Start of the Semester: 1st April 2022
    Start of Lectures: 4th April 2022
    End of Lectures: 9th July 2022
    End of the Semester: 31st September 2022 

Language requirements

  • There is no need to include proof of German language proficiency in the nomination or application, but our partner universities are supposed to select students who meet the required level (German B1).
  • The main language of instruction at Osnabrück University is German, especially in bachelor programs. However, there is a small number of courses in English offered each semester.


Learning Agreement and Course Enrolment

  • Students will enroll in courses through our online course registration system (stud.ip) after arrival during the Welcome Week.
  • To ensure the enrolment for courses with limited capacities it is highly recommended to send a Learning Agreement well in advance before the start of the semester to the Study Abroad Office at the Institute of Social Sciences (Mareike Tudor, The course selection can still be modified at the beginning of the study at Osnabrück.
  • For all students in the framework of the ERASMUS program we would prefer to conclude the new Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Students can fill in all information through the webpage and have it signed digitally by all parties. Please put the follwoing data as responsible person for signature at the receiving institution: Mareike Tudor, Institute of Social Sciences,
  • If you are an exchange student outside ERASMUS or if your university doesn’t participate in the OLA you can still use the paper-based version (LA ERASMUS/ LA Exchange Students) and send it via email.

Language courses


  • Exchange students from partner universities can apply for accommodation in the student dorms operated by Studentenwerk Osnabrück (Student Services) through the International Office.

Services for International Students

  • Our service sites offer information about visa and entry requirements and your arrival in Osnabrück. You can also find information about accommodation and insurance. And last but not least check out our tips for culture and leisure activities!

Welcome Week